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Digital File Output Specifications
Alpha can output your files with our new Epson Stylus Pro 9000 large format printer, when provided to us in the following formats:
  • TIFF
  • EPS
  • JPEG
We use the following programs and can accept native files from these programs, if necessary.
  • Adobe Illustrator 7.0 *
  • Adobe Photoshop 5.0
  • CorelDRAW 10*
  • QuarkXpress 4
* - Preferred Formats
If not providing native files from the above programs, please save as:
  • Raster Programs - (Such as Adobe PhotoShop, Corel PhotoPaint, or Paint Shop Pro) save as CMYK TIFF. We cannot guarantee exact color matches from raster files. Make sure the resolution is at least 300dpi at 100%
  • Vector Programs - (Such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker) save as EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) with all text converted to paths or curves. Please make sure Adobe EPS's are in version 7 or below. Convert all colors to CMYK or see our Pantone Matching Chart for the Epson 9000 (Epson 9000's Pantone Chart may vary from the official Pantone Matching Book, so please specify if exact match is required.

    If you are using Pagemaker and cannot produce an EPS, please provide a PDF with all text converted to paths or curves.

    A Word about Sizing
    Files need not be provided at 100% of their output size as long as they are proportional to the output size. Please make sure, however, that all rasters will be 300dpi at 100% size. If you provide a file at 50%, any rasters should then be 600dpi so they will be 300dpi when enlarged to 100%. Please provide laser proof to indicate sizing and cropping.

Things to Remember
  • Save file in correct format.
  • Add 1/4 of bleed space around edges of file to allow for cropping
  • Specify all colors as CMYK (unless Pantone Match is required).
  • Convert all text to curves.
  • Send laser proof indicating sizing and cropping.
  • Resolution of raster (bitmap) graphics should be AT LEAST 150-300dpi at 100%.
  • Send only relevant files on a clean disk.
  • Print out a directory of the disk.
  • Give enough turn-around time (7-10 working days) to ensure best quality outputs.
  • Call if you have any questions!

Price List
  • 11x14 -- $75
  • 16x20 -- $110
  • 20x30 -- $185
  • 24x24 -- $225
  • 32x40 -- $300
  • 68x40 -- $600
Plus design time if needed.